Integrated in the services sector within the architecture and construction sector, occupying the area specialized in Integral Projects of Reforms and/or conditioning of premises or commercial areas.

Offering the solution "TURN KEY PROJECTS". Offering the complete process for image creation, going through the drafting of the reform project , design, execution, control and coordination of the works and instalations, including exclusive design of the furniture suitable to eaxh style and situation.



Acima`s team is composed by a group of qualified and professionals, eache one in the differents facets that form the constructive sustem, from its creation to its materialization, from the technical projects and design to the construction workers.

A team with 25 years of specialized professional experience compose Design & Construction Acima, s.l. company.

A team of professionals committed to team work and for the same goal,
"Guarantee the quality and professionalism of our services, to obtein the best results and satisfaction of our customers"

A technical team from wich our projects are born, reflecting the creative, design, technical and constructive aspects; achieveing the most attactives and righ solutions to each situation.

Making charge of the writing of the adjustment project or reform, design and instalations, direction and coordination of the build, until it is completly finished, working with a fixed budget, price and on time always.

We take care of the administrative procedures, such as request for a building or reform project license and the opening permises at the town hall.

A design team, that project with the most right concept, knowing the limitations and advantages, innovating technical, aesthetic and functional solutions adapted to the
proposals needs and interrelated and forming an overall image, thus getting to transmit
the projected message.

A build and instalations team, composed by specialized workers who faithfully reproduce and execute the projected. Under the supervision and checking of the build manager; materializing the ecesution and realizing the ideas embodied in our projects.

Finishing optionally with all the furniture program, completely finished and ready for the opening. Specially accustomed to the development and expansion of Franchises, Integral management of Implantation of premises and until it is opening.
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